What is Green Extracts?

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Green Extracts LLC was founded in December 2018 with a simple mission to provide high quality and legal hemp derived CBD products to everyone in one easy place. Too often e-commerce store have sketchy web pages that leave customers with a bad taste in their mouths. Green Extracts does their very best to bring a community feel to the world of CBD. By engaging with their customers on social media, providing educational content within the site, and bringing you a variety of CBD products from the best brands, Green Extracts is looking to become your one stop shop for everything CBD. Our goal is to expand our inventory weekly in order to provide all of you the widest variety of CBD products. We understand that everyone has their favorite brands and products, so if you do not see your favorites on this site please let us know by sending us a message through the “CONTACT” tab. There’s nothing more we want other than satisfying all your CBD needs! 

With our passion and your love for CBD we can help this website grow to it’s full potential. Even if you do not wish to buy any products for yourself, we ask that you send this website to one or two friends who may be in need of an all natural daily supplement. 

It is part of our mission to not only provide high quality CBD products to the public, but to also educate them on everything CBD. With educational information, blog posts, and detailed descriptions of each CBD product featured on this site, users will have the opportunity to grow their knowledge on the entire Cannabidiol industry. Together we can grow an entire population who is in tune to all the potentials CBD has to offer. 


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