Green Extracts LLC is an online e-commerce CBD company dedicated to educating, selling, and distributing Cannabidiol products. Founded in the winter of 2018, owner Joshua B. Fulmer found it an issue that so many CBD companies were selling products with no educational content, no lab tests, and most importantly, no interaction with the customer. As the most passionate individuals in the CBD industry we want to offer you the opportunity to experience CBD the way it was intended to be used. 

Because you will only find organic, non GMO, third party lab tested, and quality products in our store, we are making a promise to you, our family, that you will never receive any low quality products. We want you to shop in confidence knowing that each product featured on this website has been handpicked as an industry leader. The companies and products which we sell are only of the highest quality hemp all grown domestically here inside the United States.

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Green Extracts carries an array of CBD products from a handful of different CBD companies around the United States. All the products sold by Green Extracts is organic and non GMO. The main goal is to provide customers with the highest quality CBD topicals, tinctures, edibles, capsules, and other CBD related products.

We believe that there are too many misconceptions about CBDs and we want to clear the air as much as possible when it comes down to it. We believe in the versatility of Cannabidiol and know it can create a positive change in millions of users’ lives.