About Us

Green Extracts LLC is an e-commerce CBD company dedicated to educating, selling, and distributing Cannabidiol products. Founded in the winter of 2018, owner Joshua B. Fulmer was tired of CBD companies selling products with no educational content, no lab tests, and most importantly, no interaction with the customer. Joshua is one of the most passionate owners in the industry and he wants everyone to know the truths about the cannabis community. His goal is to have Green Extracts not only be an e-commerce store, but also a viable source for education. 

Green Extracts carries an array of CBD products from a handful of different CBD companies around the United States. All the products sold by Green Extracts is organic and non GMO. The main goal is to provide customers with the highest quality CBD topicals, tinctures, edibles, capsules, and other CBD related products. 

We believe that there are too many misconceptions about CBDs and we want to clear the air as much as possible when it comes down to it. We believe in the versatility of Cannabidiol and know it can create a positive change in millions of users’ lives.

Meet the owner

Joshua B. Fulmer

Owner/Founder of Green Extracts LLC

Email: greenextractspa@gmail.com

Phone: 484-942-4633

Our Goals


Our top priority is to educate the public about Cannabidiol. There are too many misconceptions and grey areas that we feel tarnishes the Cannabis community. We work hard to provide blogs, YouTube videos, and other content on several different social media outlets

Because the CBD industry is rapidly growing and new companies emerge each and every day, we wanted to provide the community with a trustworthy outlet to purchase from a wide selection of CBD products. When you shop with Green Extracts you know you are buying from a trustworthy store. All of the products we supply are legal, tested, and quality from the best CBD companies around. 

**Update 9/9/2019** 

We are unable to make health blogs, testimonials, informationals, or media that mentions anything about CBD and human health. We hope that regulations change quickly in order to share the education you deserve in relation to Cannabidiol and it’s derivatives. Until then if you have any questions about CBD please read the section below to learn how you can get into contact with us. Thank you 


What We Can Do Together:

With your help we can educated an entire population on CBD’s potential and create a new world that believes and understands the role CBD plays in our lives. 

As always we want to provide a feeling of community with our site. We are only one email away from answering your questions about CBD’s or our business. If you would like to contact Green Extracts, feel free to click on the ‘CONTACT’ tab above or reach us here: Contact Page